AitR™ stands for: “Amp in the Room” and is a project of Heino Jansen.


Mission of AitR™

Our mission is to provide Impulse Responses (IR’s) that let your
modeler + FRFR sound (and feel) like a realistic ‘Amp in the Room’.

We create guitar speaker Impulse Responses (IR’s) because we love to use compact and light weight hardware and have a great sound. A compact amp-modeler in combination with an FRFR is a great solution. However, we also wanted to enjoy the authentic “Amp in the Room” sound.

Our experience is that a miked cabinet (the basis of traditional cab simulators and IR’s) are really suitable for recording, but do not feel like a real “Amp in the Room” when reproduced via an FRFR system.

Since 2016 we have dedicated ourselves to our passion and mission:
Creating IR’s that approach the real “Amp in the Room” sound (and feel) as close as possible when we play guitar through an amp modeler + FRFR.


All captured speaker profiles are processed by our AitR™-technology©, that we research and develop since 2016. Resulting in IR’s that – as close as possible – match the natural sound of real 1×12, 2×12, 4×12 open/closed-back cabinets when monitored via FRFR-systems.

We wish that you – just like us – enjoy the “Amp in the Room” experience with our AitR™-IR’s.

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